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Eddie is a retired US Air Force pilot with time in the T-37B, T-38A, KC-135A, EC-135J (Boeing 707), E-4B (Boeing 747), and C-20A/B/C (Gulfstream III). Since turning civilian, he has flown the CL-604, Gulfstream GIV, GV, G450, and now the GVII-G500. He tends to do most of the writing around here dealing with the GVII and the pages that are not aircraft specific.

Eddie likes to say he is not a psychologist, he just plays one in his various flight departments. That's why there is a "Human Factors" section in Code 7700.

How did Eddie get his name? See Rule #6: Not every battle is worth fighting for the story.

Finally, how long will this last? See: Exit Strategy.

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