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Larry is an International contract Captain operating the Bombardier Challenger 650/605/604. He has been flying Challengers Internationally since 1998 and has logged over 8,000 flight hours, of which 3,700 hours are in Challengers. He has flown as PIC in every 600 Challenger model made beginning with the 600 (steer-by-fear), 601-1A, 3A, 3A/ER, 3R, 604, 605, and 650. Larry earned his 600/601 type at CAE in 2000, and his 604/605/650 type at Bombardier’s Training Center in Montréal, Québec, in 2010. He was a Client Aviation Manager for a privately-owned Challenger 605. He is Editor of five aviation books, and has written dozens of articles on aviation safety, training, and aircraft operations. His work has been published in Business and Commercial Aviation magazine, AOPA’s Flight Training magazine, TAG Aviation’s Safety Wire, company newsletters, and online. As a young CFI, Larry was recruited by the FAA’s National Safety Team Manager as a remedial training specialist and also presented aviation safety seminars. Pursuing a childhood dream, he learned primary, advanced, instrument, and aerobatics from veteran ex-USAF instructors in the mid-1980s, and according to the owner of the flight school, “received the closest thing to a military flight training program available in the civilian world.” He is a thoughtful and outspoken advocate of elevating all things in aviation to the highest levels of professionalism. Larry enjoys traveling, tinkering, good movies and occasional guitar. He resides with his wife, a dog and two cats, one good, and one evil.

A note from Eddie:

Larry is our resident Legal Eagle. When we have any doubts or get any questions that stump the rest of us, the issue ends up on Larry's desk. You will find his opinions throughout the website, just do a search on "Larry Sez:" (Go ahead, give it a try, I'll wait.)

Larry has edited every "Flight Lessons" book, all five of them. He has also edited every Business & Commercial Aviation Magazine article I've written, 71 at last count. So as you can tell, I trust his judgment. I have only had one disagreement with him and it is a statement he made on this very page. I have to correct him: all cats are evil.


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