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Wally is a corporate pilot hopelessly addicted to aviation. He caught the fatal “flying bug” at an airshow with his dad at age nine with no cure in sight! He is happily addicted for life. Over the course of his 38-year career Wally has had the joy of flying a wide range of business jets — as a co-pilot, captain, lead captain, manager of flight training, chief pilot, and Director of Flight Operations. The silver lining and most rewarding aspect of his aerial career — like his buddy Eddie — has been his role as a mentor. The privilege of helping to inspire future generations of aviators is something Wally loves and hopes to continue doing long after he retires from professional bizjet flying come 2026 — along with, of course (and sometimes off course!), chasing sunrises and sunsets throughout British Columbia in his dream retirement vehicle, an ICON A5 amphibious light-sport aircraft (sorry but true to our namesakes it wouldn’t be the “Right Stuff” to “Leave it to Beaver” flying!). 😉

Eddie, an exceptional role model and mentor himself, has graciously allowed Wally the opportunity to share his G550 and G650 system notes through Code7700. His website’s slogan, “The learning never stops!” exemplifies Eddie’s commitment to, and pursuit of, excellence in everything he does. A lofty goal worth emulating and as we team up to pursue aviation excellence (or at least to have fun with Beaver or bug those who fly a Beaver!).

Oh yes, and the books.... Wally is also an amateur author, behind his wingman Eddie. He has written two aviation books and is already working on a third. Of course, it’s all in the name of contributing in a very modest way to the magical world of flight.

Thanks for joining our aerial tour de force and farce and here’s wishing you tailwinds (especially if you do fly a Beaver!) and happy landings always!

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