Normal Procedures

Eddie sez:

We don't have any paper in the cockpit and we don't use any paper before or after the flight. This didn't happen overnight and we made a few mistakes along the way. I am due to speak on this topic in March of 2020 and will consolidate everything so it is more coherent. Until then:

  • Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) — What kinds of portable electronic devices are allowed on your aircraft, when can they be used, and who can use them? (Legally speaking.)
  • Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) — How does having a PED in the cockpit change the rules?
  • iPads — What are a few good iPad applications for pilots?
  • Plotting — How can you handle the traditional paper plotting chores during an oceanic flight?
  • Video: Paperless Oceanic — Going paperless is a moving target because the applications out there are getting better and better. I spoke to the 2019 NBAA International Operators Conference (February 28, 2019) and it caused quite a stir. Here is the video pod cast version of the speech.

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