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Flight Instruction

Of course most of the videos on this page are presented as flight instruction, but these particular videos have a narrowly selected topic and don't fall into the other categories.

The Great Circle ETP Myth — April 24, 2017

Have you ever heard that entering an ETP into an FMS's flight plan will change the course flown between waypoints?


Well it doesn't. Let's bust that myth right now.

The NOTAM King — May 18, 2017

Eddie confronts the NOTAM system head on and is given a rare glimpse of the NOTAM King.


Discover with Eddie just how dangerously inept our NOTAM system is and the key to survival.


Here are several videos of Eddie in a pilot's seat.

CRM: Once Around the Pattern — June 8, 2013

Flown once around the Bedford, MA pattern


A look at Eddie and fellow pilot from the jump seat.

It's magic — December 2, 2013

Three views of a pattern ride with a landing at minimums


We set up the cameras to look at the reversers following maintenance. Well if we set up one camera, why not three? We did that and then the ceiling and visibility fell. The reversers worked fine and, for a change, so did the EVS.

L-39 Nose High Recovery — February 26, 2015

Flown with "Stallion 51" in Kissimmee, FL.


A look at Eddie flying a nose high recovery "under the hood" in an L-39.

L-39 Nose Low Recovery — February 26, 2015

Flown with "Stallion 51" in Kissimmee, FL.


A look at Eddie flying a nose low recovery "under the hood" in an L-39.

P-51 Nose High Recovery — February 26, 2015

Flown with "Stallion 51" in Kissimmee, FL.


A look at Eddie flying a nose high recovery in a P-51.


Every now and then Eddie gets asked to present in the podcast format. Every now and then he remembers to hit the "record" button.

ACN/PCN — May 9, 2018

Presented to a WebEx meeting of FlightSafety International Instructors


I spoke at the 2018 NBAA International Operator's Conference and included a few words about pavement classification. I got several requests to expand on that, including from the people in charge of international procedures training at FlightSafety. I gave this presentation via WebEx for them.

The Normalization of Compliance Podcast — January 10, 2018

Presented to the Aeronomx Safety Officer Call


A short presentation about the normalization of compliance and some Q & A.


A Day in the Life — December 20, 2016

A bit of silliness, this . . .


We trace Eddie from morning to evening on a day The Lovely Mrs. Haskel is away in Hawaii. We see Eddie's morning email routine, a quick flight, and three meals.


Eddie likes speaking in front of an audience, but isn't always able to bring a video camera. Here are a few times where the venue took the video or made provisions for Eddie's video team.

Automation Resource Management — June 20, 2018

Presented to the Westchester Aviation Association


The theme of this conference was "Big Data and Technology: The Impact on Safety" and I was asked to tackle the subject of automation. Luckily, I have an article of that very subject: Automation Resource Management.

Better Decision Making — June 12, 2015

Presented to the Pilatus Owners & Pilots Association, Albuquerque, New Mexico


The secrets to making better decisions.

Checklist Discipline — June 10, 2018

This was a speech to the Twin Cessna Flyer meeting in Nashville, TN on May 31, 2018.


We cover the origin of checklists, Challenge-Do-Verify versus Do-Verify (the "flow"), single pilot cockpit techniques, as well as the "Three Senses" technique. Oh yes, we cover some surgery techniques too.

Good Pilots Gone Bad — March 13, 2017

I spoke to the Air Charter Safety Foundation in early March, 2017, about the pilots on N121JM, the Gulfstream IV that crashed in 2014 at Bedford, Massachusetts.


They asked me to hypothesize about the human factors involved that would lead two professional pilots to act with (as the NTSB put it) Habitual, Intentional Noncompliance. My theory is that they were once good pilots, but they had gone bad. This is a video of the speech. I also wrote an article about this for Business & Commercial Aviation magazine in an article called, "Fixing Problem Pilots."

International Trip Planning — March 27, 2018

I spoke to the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) International Operator's Conference (IOC), in March of 2018. I was one of three speakers on the topic of international trip planning.


My topics included what I call "standard" airport selection considerations (domestic or international), legal authorizations, the "Point A to Point B" considerations, the problems with NOTAMS, and where to look for extra intel.

Paperless Oceanic Operations — March 28, 2019

Presented to the NBAA International Operator's Conference, San Francisco


Explaining how to fly oceanic with an iPad and without paper.

Pre-Accident Investigator — June 15, 2016

Presented to the Teterboro Users Group, Teterboro, NJ


Becoming a "pre-accident investigator" to investigate the causes of accidents before they happen.

Safety Stand Down: "I'm Blind" — October 1, 2013

Presented to the Bombardier Safety Stand Down, Wichita, KS


Telling the story of a lightning strike in a Boeing 747.

Safety Stand Down: Selecting Safety Officers — October 1, 2013

Presented to the Bombardier Safety Stand Down, Wichita, KS


Answering the question: "how do you choose a safety officer?"

Skipping Complacency — Septmber 10, 2018

Presented to the Southern California Aviation Association


Rather than let complacency creep up on you, why not just skip it?

The Normalization of Deviance — June 15, 2016

Presented to the Bridgewater State University Aviation School, Bridgewater, MA


How to avoid the normalization of deviance, presented to new aviators.

The Perpetual Student — September 7, 2018

Presented to the Epic Aircraft Company Fly In, Bend, OR


Keeping a "student pilot" mindset is a great way to avoid complacency.